Sunday, December 20, 2009

Koi and pond lilies

A series of koi and pond lilies - 2 @ 8x10 and 1@ 12x16. All are oil on canvas panel.

Watermelon Girl

11x14 oil on panel. An entry in the 'o9 East Nashville Tomato Fest exhibited at Art & Invention Gallery. An alternate category is called "emerging fruits and vegetables", so I chose the watermelon. The setting is Ken Nixon's auto shop and my daughter was kind enough to model for me.

Forbe's Stand

Another Tomato Art Fest entry shown at Art & Invention Gallery in East Nashville. This vegetable stand along Hwy. 70 east of Nashville has been in operation for decades. The painting is an 18x24 oil.

The Three Graces

A 12x12 oil on canvas panel painted for the 2009 East Nashville Tomato Art Fest - an event that's always fun-packed. Any submitted piece in the show must have some reference to the tomato.